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Forfatter: Walton Advanced Engineering, Inc.

An application of webdav client could connect webdav server simply.

--Edit file or folder to delete ,rename ,copy,send e-mail ,download to local file system, and create new folder on server.

--View various types of content of the file( ex: pdf、image、word、excel、text、film、music……).

--Upload image by taking a picture or from photo album of phone.

--Browse file and edit file in local to delete ,rename ,copy ,send ,send e-mail and upload to server.

--Special function:
User make an special QRcode image which include server url ,username and password.
To install WebCardScan App and scan the special QRcode image to enter MySkyBox App automatically.

-- Support iOS 6.0 and above

100% free!!
Absolutely no Adervertisement!